The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - 2001

Movie Info

Rating: PG-13

Age-appropriateness: Frequent/violent battle scenes. Scary images and themes. Some tobacco use.

Overview: In a powerful tale of friendship and sacrifice, a Fellowship is formed to support Frodo as he accepts the mission to destroy a powerful ring that represents all of the evil in the world. This good vs. evil adventure story has plenty of Christian symbolism.

Themes: friendship, adventure, good vs. evil, power, control, curiosity, meekness, diversity, resilience, hope, greed, sacrifice, temptation

The Quick 3

Ask these quick questions to hit the major themes of the film.

After The Movie Discussion Guide

Follow this 5-10 minute discussion guide to drive an in-depth conversation.

Minute By Minute Guide

Use this break down of the entire movie in addition to the “After the Movie” discussion guide. Great for repeat viewings.

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