Meet the Robinsons - 2007

Movie Info

Rating: G

Age-appropriateness: some mildly scary sequences

Overview: Lewis is a brilliant inventor who meets mysterious stranger named Wilbur Robinson, whisking Lewis away in a time machine and together they team up to track down Bowler Hat Guy in a showdown that ends with an unexpected twist of fate. Whether it’s adoption, persevering through failure, having empathy towards bullies, or many more incredible themes, this movie provides countless teachable moments.

Themes: family, adoption, creativity, imagination, perseverance, identity, the future, failure, curiosity, selfishness, expressing emotions, dishonesty, bullying

The Quick 3

Ask these quick questions to hit the major themes of the film.

After The Movie Discussion Guide

Follow this 5-10 minute discussion guide to drive an in-depth conversation.

Minute By Minute Guide

Use this break down of the entire movie in addition to the “After the Movie” discussion guide. Great for repeat viewings.

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