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We all want our kids to understand their true purpose in life. We want them to know the real reason that God brought them into this Earth. Christians parents must go against the flow of culture at times, battling against the widely accepted pursuits of fame, fortune, and success. Exploring, identifying, and encouraging the passions of your child’s life can have a tremendous influence on their future.

  1. Remind your child of their identity in Christ. Before considering what they’ve been called to do, ensure your child knows who they are. Our identity is determined by God and remains true our entire life. It’s who God sees us to be: perfect and chosen sons and daughters of the King. Fully known and still...fully loved. Citizens of Heaven. Blessed. Forgiven. Saved.

  2. Know the difference between identity and calling. Unlike our identity in Christ, your calling is unique to you. It’s what you are designed to do best. It sets the direction of your life and determines how you’ll spend your time. One way to determine your calling is to figure out where your greatest strengths and greatest passions intersect.

  3. Don’t “follow your heart”. One of the best gifts you can give your child is the acknowledgement that their heart is deceitful above all things (Jer. 17:9). Your child must understand that all instinctual passions of their heart need to be measured against the truth of God’s Word. Does your child’s highest interests reveal any sort of selfish ambition (Phil. 2)? Are they first obedient to God’s Will in their life, above their own?

  4. Be on the lookout for what excites them. Ask your kids what they are interested in and help them pursue those interests. This is especially important if they are interested in something that you’d never imagined they’d do. Don’t let your personal expectations derail what God created your child to do. Remember, your child may be interested in something entirely different than you. Cultivate their curiosity towards their hobbies instead of conforming them to yours.

  5. Provide a diverse variety of experiences. Even if your child doesn’t seem passionate about anything, be persistent in allowing them to explore a variety of activities. Show interest in the new things they try, lovingly encouraging them when they are discouraged. Be patient, continuously offering opportunities for your child to latch onto something.

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