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Marvel Cinematic Universe

Superhero movies resonate with so many audiences. These heroes have abilities beyond human capacity and they fight for something bigger than themselves. They connect to us with the Biblical themes imprinted on our hearts.

Nearly every superhero has some sort of admirable quality, coupled with some sort of flaw. Superheroes represent a great gateway to discuss the perfect attributes of God. God is all-powerful and yet has none of the weaknesses. No superhero even comes close to Him.

Here's an overview of the primary characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

Tony Stark / Iron Man

  • Strengths: creative, intelligent, leadership

  • Weaknesses: pride, ego, sarcastic/unfriendly

  • Closest Biblical equivalent: Moses (did many mighty works but full of flaws/imperfections)

Steve Rogers / Captain America

  • Strengths: patriotism, loyalty, leadership

  • Weaknesses: pride, ego, not always open-minded

  • Closest Biblical equivalent: Joseph (humble beginning, suffered but stayed the course; his loyalty benefitted many)


  • Strengths: powerful, leadership

  • Weaknesses: pride, lacks self-control

  • Closest Biblical equivalent: King Saul (at times a good king; other times he was rejected for his disobedience)

Bruce Banner / Hulk

  • Strengths: physical strength, righteous anger

  • Weaknesses: lack of mental toughness, quick to anger

  • Closest Biblical equivalent: Goliath (more powerful than any other Philistine)

Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow

  • Strengths: persuasive, intelligent, encourager

  • Weaknesses: history of trauma, hasn't overcome her past mistakes

  • Closest Biblical equivalent: Ruth (a widow who persevered painful circumstances; full of bravery, faithfulness, and obedience)

Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier

  • Strengths: strength, loyalty

  • Weaknesses: traumatic past, history of evil behavior

  • Closest Biblical equivalent: Paul (made terrible mistakes in his past, now making an impact for good)

Doctor Strange

  • Strengths: intelligent, knowledge about time

  • Weaknesses: pride, ego

  • Closest Biblical equivalent: Solomon (incredibly wise but with faults)

Peter Parker / Spider-Man

  • Strengths: optimistic, full of wonder, community servant

  • Weaknesses: takes on too much, inexperienced

  • Closest Biblical equivalent: David (given leadership at a young age)


  • Strengths: intelligent, powerful, superhuman

  • Weaknesses: mental attacks, detached from emotion

  • Closest Biblical equivalent: John (given the vision of Revelation)

T’Challa / Black Panther

  • Strengths: leadership, discernment, integrity, divine empowerment

  • Weaknesses: nationalism that is blind to outside needs, prone to vengeance

  • Closest Biblical equivalent: Abraham (father of many nations; brought unity to the different people of the world)

Peter Quill / Star-Lord

  • Strengths: leadership, quick-wit

  • Weaknesses: pride, acts before thinking, thief

  • Closest Biblical equivalent: Peter (impulsive, loyal, acts before thinking)


  • Strengths: loyal to family, agile, independent

  • Weaknesses: manipulative, liar, trickster

  • Closest Biblical equivalent: Jacob (tricks his older brother; wanted his blessing/birthright)


  • Strengths: powerful, willing to make difficult decisions based on what he thinks is right

  • Weaknesses: murderer, isolated, cruel/unloving

  • Closest Biblical equivalent: Emperor Nero (violent, murderer, evil-doer, hunted Christians)

Captain Marvel

  • Strengths: morality/ethics, powerful

  • Weaknesses: over-confident, risk-taker, authoritative

  • Closest Biblical equivalent: Sarah (faithful, obedient, willing to leave comfort for God’s purposes)

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