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DC Extended Universe

Superhero movies resonate with so many audiences. These heroes have abilities beyond human capacity and they fight for something bigger than themselves. They connect to us with the Biblical themes imprinted on our hearts.

Nearly every superhero has some sort of admirable quality, coupled with some sort of flaw. Superheroes represent a great gateway to discuss the perfect attributes of God. God is all-powerful and yet has none of the weaknesses. No superhero even comes close to Him.

Here's an overview of the primary characters in the DC Extended Universe:

Clark Kent / Superman

  • Strengths: strength, invulnerability, x-ray vision

  • Weaknesses: kryptonite (an energy-draining mineral)

  • Closest Biblical equivalent: Jesus Christ (God, all-powerful, perfect)

Bruce Wayne / Batman

  • Strengths: intelligent, resourceful, leadership

  • Weaknesses: isolation, loneliness

  • Closest Biblical equivalent: Joseph (lost his family at an early age, rose to a powerful position of leadership)

Diana Prince / Wonder Woman

  • Strengths: strength, compassion, wisdom

  • Weaknesses: hyper-competitiveness

  • Closest Biblical equivalent: Deborah (a compassionate leader and judge)


  • Strengths: ambition, pride, pursuit of power

  • Weaknesses: selfishness, evil-doer

  • Closest Biblical equivalent: Satan (a trickster, deceiver, selfish above all, uses his power for evil)

Arthur Curry / Aquaman

  • Strengths: control over sea life, strength, durability

  • Weaknesses: pride, isolation

  • Closest Biblical equivalent: Jonah (friend of whales, wasn’t always friendly with outsiders)

Harley Quinn

  • Strengths: athletic, versatile, sense of humor

  • Weaknesses: misplaced loyalty

  • Closest Biblical equivalent: Delilah (the wicked girlfriend of Samson; bargained with bad guys)

Barry Allen / The Flash

  • Strengths: speed, agility

  • Weaknesses: youthful ignorance

  • Closest Biblical equivalent: Timothy (a young apprentice with a lot of potential)

Victor Stone / Cyborg

  • Strengths: advanced technology, genius IQ, strength

  • Weaknesses: his cybernetic technology is capable of overpowering its host (he’s not always in control)

  • Closest Biblical equivalent: Solomon (wisest man in the world; was overpowered by worldly temptations)

Billy Batson / Shazam!

  • Strengths: access to a magic wizard who gave his special abilities (strength, wisdom, courage)

  • Weaknesses: dependent on another for his power, inexperience

  • Closest Biblical equivalent: Paul (life radically transformed; heavily relied on the Holy Spirit for his strength)

Hal Jordan / Green Lantern

  • Strengths: wields a special ring that gives powers (protective force fields, flight, telekinesis)

  • Weaknesses: the color yellow, which leads to impurity

  • Closest Biblical equivalent: David (so many powerful qualities, but had moments of impurity)

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